Thoreau's Maine
Expeditions of 1846 & 1857
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Map by Tom Funk of Westport, Connecticut, originally published in The Book of Concord: Thoreau's Life as a Writer by William Howarth, Viking Press, New York, 1982. Copyright © 1982 by William Howarth. All rights reserved. Please do not copy this image without permission.

The route of 1846 and the insert shows the trip to Katahdin: "I left Concord in Massachusetts for Bangor and the backwoods of Maine, by way of the railroad and steamboat, intending to accompany a relative of mine engaged in the lumber-trade in Bangor, as far as a dam on the west branch of the Penobscot ... From this place, which is about one hundred miles by the river above Bangor ... I proposed to make excursions to Mount Ktaadn, the second highest mountain in New England, about thirty miles distant, and to some of the lakes of the Penobscot"

The 1857 route shows the start of the trip described in the Allegash and East Branch essay: "We had at first thought of exploring the St. John from its source to its mouth, or else to go up the Penobscot by its East Branch to the lakes of the St. John, and return by way of Chesuncook and Moosehead. We had finally inclined to the last route, only reversing the order of it, going by way of Moosehead, and returning by the Penobscot, otherwise it would have been all the way up stream and taken twice as long." Thoreau also took this route to Moosehead Lake in 1853, as described in the Chesuncook essay. The large lake to the west of Katahdin is Chesuncook Lake.

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