Walden Pond - Past & Present
Photographs of the pond and Henry's cabin site

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The links to photos below create a chronological and a geographical tour of Walden Pond, beginning with a view of the pond from a nearby hill, looking much as it would have appeared to Thoreau. You can link to individual photographs below, or take the Guided Tour, using the "Next" links on each page.

From a 1906 Houghton, Mifflin edition of Thoreau's works...

  • A view of the pond from Emerson's Cliff
  • A photo showing trees and the trail along the pond's shore
  • Circa 1908 photos from the Library of Congress...
  • Thoreau's Cove of Walden Pond, as seen from near the cabin site
  • The site of Thoreau's cabin, marked by a pile of stones
  • Spring 1998 photos by Amy Belding Brown...
  • Thoreau's Cove of Walden Pond, ice melting in spring
  • Site of Thoreau's cabin, with the stone posts that now mark the exact location
  • Exterior and interior photos of the cabin replica at the Walden parking lot
  • Spring 2001 photos from Ernie Seckinger...
  • The cabin site from just up the hill, looking toward the pond
  • Stone posts at the cabin location & the stone covering the chimney remains
  • Summer 2005: A quiet summer evening by the pond
    Walden Pond as seen from space: satellite photo
    Thoreau's own 1846 survey map of Walden Pond

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