A Note on Scanning Errors

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All of Thoreau’s works on the Thoreau Reader, and many of the early essays about Thoreau, have come to us as electronic documents, created with electronic scanning technology, because this is the only really practical way to place them on the web. But the technology is far from perfect, and while each work has been checked for errors, we have to assume that any number of scanning errors have not yet been found.

An Utne Reader article pointed out several errors in the Thoreau Reader’s copy of “Life without Principal,” but no one involved with this article thought to contact the Thoreau Reader. Fortunately, John Mark Ockerbloom was kind enough to forward this information to us, and these errors have been corrected.

If you come across any other errors, scanning or otherwise, please email them to the Thoreau Reader, at rlenat@yahoo.com.

Thank you!

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